Marriage counselors have said that couples end up tying the knot without talking about the core factors that seal or break the marriage. Topics such as finances, children and religion must be added to these core factors. Apart from this, dining at a restaurant should be added to the list.

The fact that most people do not discuss restaurant dining is not surprising. What’s surprising is that many of them do not even have dining together as a concept in their relationship even after being with the same person for about 10 to 20 years. This habit adds stress to the relationship or the couples do not go for good dining experiences.

There are four strategies that are important when dining out.

When a country has closed itself to imports or exports, it produces everything that is needed for consumption. At a restaurant you get to decide what you would like to eat without any input from the other person. This makes independent decision making possible. There is no room for the other person to eat what you ordered.

Individual Production With Trade
In this method, after placing individual orders, you allow the other person to share in exchange to few bites of their food. This is kind fo similar to the way world economy works. This is a good method since you don’t have to end up eating the same dish throughout the mean and end up unsatisfied.

Individual Rights With An Option To Trade
In this method, we are moving towards a more central economy. If both the parties consult and decide on a central basis about the food, it is the sign of a central economy. If there is indecision, then couple can opt for trading their dishes.

Full On Food Communism
This is not such a good idea. In this experience, everything that is ordered is shared. Therefore, anything bought will be shared equally among both the individuals. To practice this method, you require good knowledge of your partner.

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