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Carpenter Ants and the Places They Hide

Carpenter ants have become more common than most people realize. Due to climate change and other variable factors, carpenter ants have started to be seen across many residential areas around the globe. The US is particularly impacted across the southern portion of the country. This in effect has caused a lot of distress among many households across these states as they are anxiously looking for carpenter ant treatments that are affordable and effective.pest control san antonio

Normally, you would only expect to find carpenter ants in the wild. The most common place would be in a moist area that is full of trees and other plant life. Carpenter ants are known to build their colonies in trees by eating their way through to the center. Seeing as more people in the United States of America have also started to grow a lot of trees and plants in their back yards, it has become quite common for many homes to find themselves infested with carpenter ants as well.

Carpenter ants are known to be good migrators. They are known to be able to travel the size of a football field just to look for food. If your household is affected with carpenter ants, the likelihood is that they have come from a nearby area; most probably your own back yard.

There are many ways by which you can detect whether or not your household is affected by carpenter ants. The best way to detect them is by visibly seeing them. Carpenter ants are known to be a quarter of an inch in size. They are much larger than your average ants and are known to have a dark black color; making them visible from quite a distance. One of the things about carpenter ants is that you will not be able to see them during the day.

Carpenter ants are only known to work during the night which is why they are hardly ever noticed. If your house is infected by carpenter ants, it is common to hear noises during the late hours of the night. Other ways of detecting whether or not your house is infected by them is by looking for webbings and small insect particles such as food near wooden areas in the house.< exterminators - pest control

The kitchen is also another great place to spot carpenter ants. They are known to feed on left over foods that may be found lying around on the floor. Many of them are known to come and collect food from the kitchen floor, shelves and even near the trash can area.

Another way of detecting carpenter ants is by looking for saw dust near wooden furniture. Seeing as carpenter ants are known to eat their way through to make a place to stay for their colony, this is also another common feature. There are many different carpenter ant treatments that one can use in order to effectively get rid of such ants. The process however is known to take quite some time though.

Orthodontic Treatment Is An Excellent Investment

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical and psychological well-being of children and adults. An investment made to correct your occlusion now will more than pay for itself in preventing future problems. Improper tooth alignment can be a contributing factor for dental decay and gum disease, which may result in loss of teeth. Our office offers a variety of payment choices to meet your individual needs.orthodontic treatment

In an effort to keep orthodontic fees down while maintaining the highest level of professional care, we have established this financial policy:

If full payment is made by cash or check at the onset of treatment, we will offer a discount of 5%. If you have insurance, we will file the original claim and instruct payments be sent directly to you.

We offer a contract whereby $750 of the fee is paid at the start of treatment and the remainder (less insurance, if applicable) is paid in 20 monthly installments. You will be given a coupon book to help you manage your payments. No interest or fees will be charged if payments are made as scheduled.

For your convenience, we can also set up an automatic debit to your checking or savings account. This would eliminate your need to keep track of payments and coupons. If you choose this option, we would also offer a 2.5% discount on the amount financed.

Our office participates in most insurance plans. Prior to setting up your payment schedule, we will obtain a “Predetermination of Benefits” from your insurance company. This will enable you to understand what your benefits are and how they will be paid. We will submit insurance claims for your convenience and also accept the assignment of benefits. You must be aware, however, that your insurance is an agreement between you and the insurance company. Occasionally, benefits are terminated or changed. If the insurance company were to discontinue payments you would be responsible for any unpaid balance. If the insurance pays more than anticipated you would be refunded any excess once the account is paid in full.great smiles - orthodontics

In cases of serious delinquency, treatment will be discontinued, although we will make every effort to accommodate patients with temporary difficulties. Retainers will not be fabricated until delinquent accounts are paid in full.


If you need to speak with our financial coordinator about any insurance or financial issues, please phone during office hours on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Landscaping Improvements – Professionals or DIY

It hardly matters whether you are a professional or an amateur, landscaping requires you to have a lot of knowledge in the area. Have some understanding of the front yard privacy, the trees, the landscape, the walks, the edges, steps and structures. At least one needs to have some knowledge in landscaping. Your design element must blend well with the surroundings of the garden and only then add up the new ones. Front Yard Landscaping needs you to ask a series of questions. Do you want the house lines to be stronger and vertical or how well the home blends with the surrounding and whether it is appealing and distinctive or not is the question to be asked. Such aspects need to be pondered over.

Having a look at other homes

Have a closer look at the nearby homes when you decide to do the landscaping. You do not have to copy the designs but the yards surrounding the home may give some ideas about the landscaping. Try and collect information on the kinds of landscapes that are easy to maintain. Calculate the total number of hours that you can devote to the project. The yard landscaping must be fun in any case. Try to enjoy the task and take breaks in the middle to have great results.

Add some pep to the yard

Your home exterior gives an impression about the home to the stranger. The home must appear to be friendly and appealing. Add colourful flowers and vegetables to the yard. Line up the sidewalk and the pathway to make the exterior attractive. Colourful flowers on the bed can please any newcomer to your home.

Decorative porches

The designing of the porch depends on its very size. If you are looking to add an element of comfort to the porch, add the benches, accent furniture and tables. This will foster a warm and comfortable look. Plants and greenery can add warmth and depth to the exterior. To accent the porch railing, add the climbing vines.

Adding the beautiful trees

Looking to line up the porch? Add the trees and shrubs to line the porch or the front yard of your property. To make things appear neat and clean, add shrubs. Try and include the trees that do not shed the leaves too often. This helps avoid slippery walkways. Use the dogwood tress and fruits for the front yard. Plant only those trees that give sweet and calming scent.Lawn care

Install fountains and ponds

To enhance the appeal of the front yard dramatically, install the fountains and artificial ponds. This can make the yard appear more peaceful. Add some bricks and decorative stones to the boundary of the pond and the fountain.

Fixing up the sidewalk

The sidewalk and the pathway must be maintained fabulously. To foster a safe and inviting sidewalk, do away with the damages on the sidewalk. The sidewalk which is comprised of the concrete and decorative stone is the best. To make it a focal point, add some creativity.

Keeping things simple and easy

Do not fall into the trap of implementing popular landscaping styles and making things overwhelming or intimidating for you. Let your personality shine through the front yard. Keep the yard simple so that it does not appear like a jungle. People must never feel like going through the maze to find your front door. Keep it neat, well maintained so that one finds it delighting to walk through your front yard.

Creating the sitting area in the front yard

By creating a sitting space in your yard, you can interact with your neighbors in a wonderful manner. You can watch your kids playing and see the daily happenings in the street. A simple sitting place created by including a green bench under the tree can also help you enjoy the fresh air. You can also border the area by planting shrubs and flowers. Adding the potted plants give you the option of changing plants in the future.perfect lawn care

To make the Front Yard Landscaping project a successful one, mix the annuals and the perennial plants. The maintenance free perennials can bloom year after year and also spread with division. By including perennials, you will always have something blooming in the yard. The annual, on the other hand, gives the burst of flowers on a continuous basis. If you wish to try new things, just combine both.