Orthodontic Treatment Is An Excellent Investment

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical and psychological well-being of children and adults. An investment made to correct your occlusion now will more than pay for itself in preventing future problems. Improper tooth alignment can be a contributing factor for dental decay and gum disease, which may result in loss of teeth. Our office offers a variety of payment choices to meet your individual needs.orthodontic treatment

In an effort to keep orthodontic fees down while maintaining the highest level of professional care, we have established this financial policy:

If full payment is made by cash or check at the onset of treatment, we will offer a discount of 5%. If you have insurance, we will file the original claim and instruct payments be sent directly to you.

We offer a contract whereby $750 of the fee is paid at the start of treatment and the remainder (less insurance, if applicable) is paid in 20 monthly installments. You will be given a coupon book to help you manage your payments. No interest or fees will be charged if payments are made as scheduled.

For your convenience, we can also set up an automatic debit to your checking or savings account. This would eliminate your need to keep track of payments and coupons. If you choose this option, we would also offer a 2.5% discount on the amount financed.

Our office participates in most insurance plans. Prior to setting up your payment schedule, we will obtain a “Predetermination of Benefits” from your insurance company. This will enable you to understand what your benefits are and how they will be paid. We will submit insurance claims for your convenience and also accept the assignment of benefits. You must be aware, however, that your insurance is an agreement between you and the insurance company. Occasionally, benefits are terminated or changed. If the insurance company were to discontinue payments you would be responsible for any unpaid balance. If the insurance pays more than anticipated you would be refunded any excess once the account is paid in full.great smiles - orthodontics

In cases of serious delinquency, treatment will be discontinued, although we will make every effort to accommodate patients with temporary difficulties. Retainers will not be fabricated until delinquent accounts are paid in full.


If you need to speak with our financial coordinator about any insurance or financial issues, please phone during office hours on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.