Utah Is Creating All The Right Buzz For Business

People in Utah are industrious and this is proved by the win of holding the 10th place as the Top States for Business ranking. This did not happen overnight. It happened over a period of decades of sincere effort by the people, innovative industries and skilled workforces are all responsible for the rise. Venture capitalists are flocking to the state to invest in the industries ranging from software, energy, medical device manufacturing companies and more. Some of the luring factors include cheap real estate, tax breaks, educated citizens and well connected public transportation are all reasons for setting up business in the state. The University of Utah and Brigham Young University churns out stead flow of manpower for the businesses.

Utah scores high on the cards with 1,598 points out of 2,500. There is more to it, the all round performance of the state in the long term. Earlier to the 10 years it has never happened to the state in keeping the score and finishing in the top 10. The score is based on excelling in 10 categories. Utah has the reputation of scoring more than 60 metrics against all the 50 states in all the 10 categories. Each category is given priority based on how frequently each state uses it in their sales pitches.

The industrious nature of the state is exhibited through this ranking. Utah has always been competitive in nature and this is the eight time, the state has finished in the top five in the ten years. During Republican Governor Gary Herbert, the state emerged as a real champion. Herbert in his 2012 speech to the legislators said that it is his goal to create jobs in the private sector by 100,000 in 1,000 days. This was the time when the state was outpacing while the nation was still recovering from the Great Recession. At the end of 1,000 days the state had 100,000 jobs, it even add 9,000 more.