Pest Control Services: Ants

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Pest Control Services: Ants

I have always seen bugs hanging around my house and have never known what to do to get rid of them. I did a little bit of research and have found some simple ways to eliminate or protect against the number of pests around my house. I want to share with you 5 simple tips to get rid of pests.

Tip 1 – Make sure there is no sugary substance left behind

The sugar leftover on something as tiny as a soda can will attract pests.

So before you toss out soda cans, rinse the can to remove any sugary coating that might attract pests

Tip 2- Destroy the pest’s home

If the pests are living in your yard and you want to avoid using any harsh chemicals or any possible harm to your yard, you can put the hose next to the pest’s home and turn it on for 10 minutes. You really want to saturate the dirt to get the pests to leave. Do this daily until there are no more signs of pests.

Tip 3- A more effective way to destroy ants’ home

Put a pot of water on the stove and mix in a good amount of cayenne pepper or vinegar. When the water starts to boil, take it outside to poor on the ant colony. The boiling water mixture should kill ants on contact.

Tip 4- Get rid of the pheromones and trails that ants leave

Get a spray bottle and fill it half with vinegar and the rest with water.

Put in a few drops of dish soap and spray around your baseboards, walls, nooks, and entryway. Ants leave trails that other ants will follow and this mixture will help get rid of those pheromone trails.

Tip 5- Repel ants using certain herbs

Ants dislike the strong odors of certain herbs. So, place bunches of these specific herbs near troubled spots. Mint, pennyroyal, rue, or tansy. You can also frequently wipe down areas with oil of cloves or eucalyptus oil.

These are just some of the simple tips to get rid of pests that I have found to be helpful. I know there are several different ways to get rid of pests and in some cases, these little things you can do won’t be enough. However, I hope these tips are helpful and you can find a way to get rid of the pests hanging around your home.

Tips to get rid of pests
If you are wanting to find out more information in regard to pests that may be lurking around your home, you can do what I did and research more about pest information. I was very intrigued and impressed with the information that I was able to find on various websites. There was a lot of information not only regarding simple tips to get rid of pests but what the pest actually is. The information that I was able to find on these websites was very educational to me and I know that it could be educational for you as well.

Pest Control Services: Roaches

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Pest Control Services: Roaches

Cockroaches carry pathogens and so are a source of infection. Consequently, they are dangerous to your health. Cockroaches transmit gastrointestinal maladies including diarrhea, dysentery, and food poisoning. There are
numerous species of roaches, each with its own unique characteristics. It is important to carry out cockroach extermination due to the health risks associated with these bugs.

Many treatments are used for roach infestations, but some are more effective than others. Solutions that are used to destroy cockroaches come in various forms including gas, liquid, solid, and powder. The remedy chosen for
exterminating roaches is dependent upon the roach species involved. Some species are resistant to drugs, while others are not. This depends a lot on genetic make-up and the ability to develop a strong resistance against the

In addition to the use of drugs and chemicals, there are some traps that capture roaming roaches. The cockroaches are attracted to these traps which are fitted with baits. Roaches develop resistance against some insecticides
thus reducing the efficiency of insecticides as time passes. This means we must constantly look for more effective insecticides. More ways to manage roaches consist of applying pheromones and also growth regulators.

Due to the survival strategy of the cockroaches, there will be times that all of these remedies fail to work efficiently. One should not lose hope because some effective customary remedies exist when this happens. One example is
keeping a clean house. Roaches flourish in nasty dark areas. Cockroaches in the home can be prevented by cleaning and lighting up the house. This is effective because it starves the pests.

Identifying their breeding place is another effective method. Once this is known, the insecticide can be used to kill the adults and also the eggs. Modern methods of cockroach extermination involve the use of traps equipped with
pheromones. Pheromones are biochemical solutions that assault a roach before a roach prepares to breed. A lot of people do it this way because it is harmless and clean.

Carpenter Ants and the Places They Hide – Pest Control

Carpenter Ants and the Places They Hide

Carpenter ants have become more common than most people realize. Due to climate change and other variable factors, carpenter ants have started to be seen across many residential areas around the globe. The US is particularly impacted across the southern portion of the country. This in effect has caused a lot of distress among many households across these states as they are anxiously looking for carpenter ant treatments that are affordable and effective.pest control san antonio

Normally, you would only expect to find carpenter ants in the wild. The most common place would be in a moist area that is full of trees and other plant life. Carpenter ants are known to build their colonies in trees by eating their way through to the center. Seeing as more people in the United States of America have also started to grow a lot of trees and plants in their back yards, it has become quite common for many homes to find themselves infested with carpenter ants as well.

Carpenter ants are known to be good migrators. They are known to be able to travel the size of a football field just to look for food. If your household is affected with carpenter ants, the likelihood is that they have come from a nearby area; most probably your own back yard.

There are many ways by which you can detect whether or not your household is affected by carpenter ants. The best way to detect them is by visibly seeing them. Carpenter ants are known to be a quarter of an inch in size. They are much larger than your average ants and are known to have a dark black color; making them visible from quite a distance. One of the things about carpenter ants is that you will not be able to see them during the day.

Carpenter ants are only known to work during the night which is why they are hardly ever noticed. If your house is infected by carpenter ants, it is common to hear noises during the late hours of the night. Other ways of detecting whether or not your house is infected by them is by looking for webbings and small insect particles such as food near wooden areas in the house.exterminators - pest control

The kitchen is also another great place to spot carpenter ants. They are known to feed on left over foods that may be found lying around on the floor. Many of them are known to come and collect food from the kitchen floor, shelves and even near the trash can area.

Another way of detecting carpenter ants is by looking for saw dust near wooden furniture. Seeing as carpenter ants are known to eat their way through to make a place to stay for their colony, this is also another common feature. There are many different carpenter ant treatments that one can use in order to effectively get rid of such ants. The process however is known to take quite some time though. More question about San Antonio Pest Control